Prepare Your Child To Soar To Their Next Level

Your Child Learns And Discovers Through Their Senses And Caring Teachers Who Guide Them

Prepare Your Child To Soar To Their Next Level

Your Child Learns And Discovers Through Their Senses And Caring Teachers Who Guide Them

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Curriculum Unravels Your Toddler’s World

Proven Mother Goose Time© curriculum focuses on caring relationships and trusting bonds, and sensory-rich, hands-on play. Children explore their imaginations through art and drama.

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Skilled, Qualified Teachers Ready To Educate Your Child

Your child’s teachers have a Child Development Associate Credential or more and have the skills to help your toddler prepare for the next academic step. You can trust their experience.

Open Communication Brings Peace Of Mind

Open communication between parents and teachers means your child receives the best care and support. The LifeCubby app sends you updates and pics daily, and you get free parenting courses and a parenting library as bonus resources.

Daily STEAM Enrichment Prepares For Problem-Solving

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) lessons unravel everyday magic. Water play and building blocks help them understand buoyancy and gravity as they build cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Level 3 Paths To Quality For Care You Can Trust

Your child benefits from Paths to Quality Level 3 accreditation–a recognized and trusted stamp of excellence. Expect a quality curriculum, certified teachers, and a nurturing, clean environment.

Delicious Food Options They Look Forward To

Delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are prepared by an on-site chef and included in tuition. Take confidence knowing that your child is getting the nutrition they need to grow strong.

CURIS Decontamination System Kills All Germs

The ultimate CURIS decontamination system sanitizes your child’s air, spaces, and tools. Restricted access and coded double entry doors, along with caring teachers, means your little one stays healthy and safe.

Introduce Your Toddler To Mother Nature

Nature-based learning and activities like garden areas, wood stumps, and grass unlock a world of wonder for your toddler! Nature walks keep them moving and loving the outdoors for healthy habits.

Strengthen Motor Skills Through Play

Gross motor skill development is essential for your child, and equipment like climbers and balls strengthen their motor skills as they play and challenge themselves, building their confidence as they grow.

Enrichments Your Child Delights In

Daily enrichments like Yoga introduce your child to move and strengthens mind-body connections, while Spanish introduces them to new sounds and meanings.

Field Trips Are Sure To Spark Excitement

Exciting field trips to enchanting destinations like the pumpkin patch, apple orchards, ‘Touch a Truck,’ the zoo, and museums give your child something new to look forward to.

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