Give Your Pre-K Student The Gift Of Learning

A Kindergarten-Readiness Program, Tons Of Play, And A World Of Wonder Outdoors Await

Give Your Pre-K Student The Gift Of Learning

A Kindergarten-Readiness Program, Tons Of Play, And A World Of Wonder Outdoors Await

Pre-K | 3-4 Years by oct 1st | Serving Indianapolis, IN

Your Child Feels At Home In A Family-Owned Facility

Every day, your child arrives at a fully accredited institution that prioritizes their needs. Every classroom encourages a cozy atmosphere, and a family-run facility enables children to feel at ease, secure, and safe to learn, develop, and thrive.

You’ll Love How Seamless Care Is With Convenient Extended Hours

Equal Learning Experiences That Empower And Prepare

Your child participates in the learning programs, processes, and approaches that bridge gaps and prepare them to excel in school. Your child will be more academically prepared than ever with the right resources.

Highly Certified Teachers Strengthen Learning Now

Your child benefits from learning from lead teachers with a Child Development Associate or more. They’re able to help your child unlock their skills and get them on the right path for learning.

A Communication App Keeps You Informed

Always stay updated and informed from the convenience of your phone, thanks to the LifeCubby communication app. Plus, take advantage of free parenting courses and a parenting library so you can get the extra support you need to be a parenting star.

STEAM Activities Prime Your Child For Creative Thinking

A focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math ignites the fun as your child puts concepts like gravity and magnetism to the test with thrilling hands-on activities. Their curriculum prepares them in every learning area, with pre-writing and literacy skills, plus math and science know-how, so they’re kindergarten ready.

Paths To Quality Is A Trusted Accreditation

Paths to Quality Level 3 accreditation lets you know you made the right choice–it’s a proven stamp of approval based on certified teachers and a clean, safe environment.

Delicious Food Options That Keep Them Growing

Your child receives delicious and healthy food that keeps them healthy, at no extra cost to you. An on-site chef provides a home-cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks daily, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Curis Decontamination System For Your Peace Of Mind

Your child’s safety is a top priority. Feel confident knowing that they’ll be in a germ-free environment with the CURIS decontamination system. Features like restricted access and code-entry doors, plus caring, attentive teachers, ensure safety.

Spark Your Child’s Love For Nature

Children discover the world through their interactions with nature and the environment around them. An outdoor play area, a garden they tend to and nurture, and nature walks help them discover the outdoors.

Yoga And Spanish Keep Your Child Engaged

Yoga and Spanish introduce them to new modes of learning, sharpening your child’s creative thinking. For a nominal fee, Karate and dance classes are fun ways to get your child moving and loving healthy habits.

Field Trips To Add Variety To Their Day

Field trips keep your child’s senses fresh and help them see new environments they connect with and always remember. Trips to the zoo, museums, and even splash pad days keep them excited and wanting more as they take in the new sights and sounds they love.

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