Ready For Kindergarten And Lifelong Learning

Qualified Teachers Prepare Your Child With Social-Emotional And School Skills

Ready For Kindergarten And Lifelong Learning

Qualified Teachers Prepare Your Child With Social-Emotional And School Skills

Preschool | 2 Year olds by Oct 1st | Serving Indianapolis, IN

High-Quality, Family-Owned Facility That Feels Like Home

You love knowing your child is cared for and given the attention required to thrive in a top-notch, fully-licensed facility. In addition, your child’s classrooms will seem like a home away from home because they are family-owned and operated, which will promote relaxed and pleasurable learning.
High-Quality, Family-Owned Facility That Feels Like Home

Extended Hours Mean More Relaxed, Stress-Free Commutes

Your Child Is Ready To Excel In Kindergarten

Your child’s knowledge flourishes as they learn all the pre-math and literacy skills they’ll need to build upon in kindergarten. Boost their confidence and academic know-how to ensure they’re kindergarten-ready, from gripping a pencil to basic math and science concepts.

Lead Teachers Pave The Way To School Success

Many of your child’s lead teachers have a Child Development Associate credential or more, so your child gets the expert knowledge that comes from dedication to the craft. They also personally care about your child’s success and put their heart into paving that path.

STEAM Activities Develop Strong Problem-Solving Skills

Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) develop your child’s thinking skills as they figure out the best way to solve a problem, putting reasoning and innovative thinking to the test as they build, test, and observe their way through hands-on activities.

Strong School Bonds To Support Parents Like You

A smartphone app keeps you in touch with your child’s day, and you receive updates and pictures to keep you connected. A parenting library and early childhood science courses are free resources at your fingertips to help you do your best.

'Paths To Quality' Rated As A Stamp Of Approval

Paths To Quality ratings show parents we’ve reached crucial benchmarks that make this the best choice for your child. Caring, experienced teachers and quality lessons in a safe, clean environment earn this state accreditation.

An On-Site Chef Delivers Hot, Nutritious Meals Daily

Count on yummy breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared by an on-site chef, so your child gets the nutrients they need to keep them fueled and growing strong, at no cost to you—one less thing to worry about means more time for your family.

Keeping Families Safe With Health And Safety Measures

A CURIS decontamination system uses hydrogen peroxide to safely disinfect your child’s spaces, tools, and toys for a deep clean that protects health. Along with coded entry and caring, attentive teachers, your child’s day with us is a safe one.

Outdoor Play Connects Your Child With Nature

Your child grows strong by climbing, crawling, and running on natural wood stumps in a large playground just for them. Nature walks and tending a garden to teach your child about life cycles and nurture a connection with nature for healthy habits.

Daily Yoga And Spanish To Broaden Your Child's Learning

A second language helps your child grow their vocabulary and think creatively, while Yoga helps your child make body-mind connections that boost focus. At no cost to you, both spark joy and benefit your child’s overall learning.

Field Trips Open A World Of Ideas And Opportunities

Your child loves visits to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard for time outdoors with their friends. Museums and the zoo introduce them to history and biology, and splash pads along with “Touch A Truck” days are plain fun and invite your kid to be a kid!

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