A World Of Fun And Discovery Await

Exciting, Nature-Based Play With Space To Explore And Build

A World Of Fun And Discovery Await

Exciting, Nature-Based Play With Space To Explore And Build

School Age | 6 - 12 Years | Serving Indianapolis, IN

A Fun Environment Your Child Loves

Everyone gets a break when they have access to a fun, stimulating, interactive environment. Your child has the opportunity to build healthy relationships, play, and discover new things daily.

We’re Here When You Need Us ;

Daily transportation is provided!

Qualified Teachers Who Guide Your Child

As your child continues to learn, having access to teachers with a Child Development Associate credential or more helps them feel confident knowing they can receive help with their learning and homework.

Socialization Keeps Your Child Connected

Your child is at the age where developing social-emotional skills is essential. Learning how to build healthy relationships and interact with others is empowering for them. Witness their growth and developing personality.

Memorable Trips And Activities They Love

Children love excitement. Your student looks forward to activities that allow them to discover new things, unlock their imagination, and connect with the world outside of their familiar environment with activities like tennis, swimming, nature walks, and more.

A Healthy, Delicious, Food Program Is Included

Your child is continuously growing, and healthy food options that they love makes sure they stay strong and fed. Your child receives snacks and dinner so that you don’t have to worry about their meals throughout the day.

CURIS Decontamination System Keeps Your Child Safe

The CURIS decontamination system keeps their space free of germs, while restricted entry and locked doors give you the peace of mind of knowing your child is safe while in our care.

Nature-Based Activities For Uplifting Fun

Nature is part of your school-aged child’s life, and they never run out of ways to explore the world around them! Your child stays rooted with outdoor activities, planted areas that they tend to themselves, and nature walks that keep your child connected with nature.

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